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Professor Brian Cox, experimental physicist, quoting Carl Sagan 2008-04-29
Meet my dog, Margo. 2007-04-21
Why Kurt Loder? 2007-03-26
William Robert Tabb. 2007-03-02
George Lucas on Akira Kurosawa 2007-02-20
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 2006-12-18
My Will. 2006-12-14
Car Accident. 2006-12-12
A Wizard Should Know Better! 2006-11-02
Somebody's Getting Married. 2006-11-02
todo.txt 2006-10-05
Everyone Keeps Asking Me For This Link! 2006-10-04
What I Did On My Vacation. 2006-10-02
Mozex. 2006-09-20
MySQL: Join Tables from Different Databases 2006-09-08
Foxes... in SPACE! 2006-08-28
Smashup in My Brain. 2006-08-15
Opinions on Various Things. 2006-08-01
Dealing With Weird Filenames in Linux. 2006-08-01
Re-read it one more time. 2006-07-18
What the Dog is Up To. 2006-07-18
Nintendo DS Lite. 2006-07-05
Margo Can Swim! 2006-07-05
Flickr. 2006-05-30
Margo in Motion! 2006-05-30
She Likes Link. 2006-05-24
More Margo Pics. 2006-05-24
We Call Her "Margo" 2006-05-22
Small Robots. 2006-05-12
Radiohead's Monitor Mixer Just MySpace'd me. 2006-05-11
E3. 2006-05-10
Redaction. 2006-05-02
Honey Tree Evil Eye! 2006-04-25
Wouldn't It Be Nice. 2006-04-21
Rock 'n Roll Accordions! 2006-04-20
Mix Tapes! 2006-04-05
Faraday vs. Heaviside. 2006-04-05
Unsolved Mysteries: the Ice Cube Tray 2006-04-04
That Was a Good Trick. 2006-03-22
And Boom Goes the Dynamite. 2006-03-22
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. 2006-03-22
Space! 2006-03-16
Art vs. Nature / Mistletoe / Intonation 2006-03-01
In Case You Didn't Know. 2006-02-17
More Programming. 2006-02-16
Dorks. 2006-02-16
Fonts are pretty. 2006-02-08
Entertainment. 2006-02-03
Building things. 2006-01-23
Emmet. 2006-01-05
Changes. 2005-12-20
On Singing. 2005-12-13
Who is to say if it's static or dynamic? 2005-12-13
Singing Otters. 2005-12-06
Measurements and Calculations. 2005-11-29
This Is What You Get. 2005-11-29
I Guess These Things Are Cyclical. 2005-10-20
Keeping Time. 2005-10-20
What Is Going On? 2005-10-13
Aww, man! Bookmarks? 2005-10-04
The Advantages to Being Up at 5:17 AM. 2005-09-16
Three-Point Shootout: Season 2! 2005-09-13
Cantabile: in a fashion suggesting singing 2005-09-13
What's Up? 2005-09-09
Music Arrangement and Methods of Multiple Access for Shared Medium Networks. 2005-08-19
When Will We Be Free? 2005-08-16
Jam It On Number 1? 2005-08-16
Ugh! 2005-08-15
Three-Point Shootout. 2005-08-09
JV on my Mind 2005-08-08
Lambert!! 2005-08-03
“I Love Them Notes.” 2005-08-03
Oh Julia. 2005-07-29
"So... Hot... Milk was a bad choice!" 2005-07-25
Who is Michael Collins? 2005-07-20
I have a new musical hero... 2005-07-15
The Beast and Dragon, Adored. 2005-07-01
Dudley's World. 2005-06-08
Wizard! 2005-06-07
Hi. Wanna Sit In My Boat? 2005-06-07
Customer Service is Creepy? 2005-06-02
Brief Candles Burn So Fine. 2005-05-31
The Romance of Recursive Functions. 2005-05-26
No, Seriously. 2005-05-23
Thank You, Potential Constituents. 2005-05-20
Running. Flooding. 2005-05-20
We're So Sensitive, Muppet Movies Make Us Cry. 2005-05-18
Oh Colin. 2005-05-09
C'mon Danny! 2005-04-29
This Is Not a Threat, But a Terribly Accurate Prediction 2005-04-27
“Wanna Change My Clothes / My Hair / My Face” 2005-04-26
All-Day Adventures. 2005-04-18
Break My Heart, Wayne! 2005-04-14
A Huge Relief. 2005-04-14
All I Want. 2005-04-13
My New Cable Wraps Arrived! 2005-04-11
Bruce, Are You Still There? 2005-04-04
I Can't Open the Windows Wide Enough! 2005-03-30
Didn't Get Stabbed. 2005-03-21
Backstage at Phoenix Hill Tavern. 2005-03-19
Okay? Go! 2005-03-18
I've Nothing Better To Think About. 2005-03-15
What Music Does To Me. 2005-03-09
Is This Cyclical? 2005-03-09
There's No Excuse. 2005-03-07
CQD. 2005-03-01
Oscillation. 2005-02-22
My Love of Wikipedia. 2005-02-14
Back to School. 2005-02-10
Grandaddy, the Warming Sun 2005-01-31
This is what I get. 2005-01-31
Not Exactly Stalking, But... 2005-01-28
I ♥ The Onion! 2005-01-27
No Excuses. 2005-01-27
Some Things That Have Happened. 2005-01-03
The Slackening. 2004-12-16
It's On Like Donky Kong! 2004-12-08
This is the Point. 2004-12-07
A Cop Out. 2004-11-30
Intense Training. 2004-11-16
The Good Life. 2004-11-15
Damnit! 2004-11-08
What Have I Become? 2004-11-08
Immersed / Crawling Inside Speakers 2004-11-05
Busted! 2004-10-29
Inventive. 2004-10-26
Recap. 2004-10-25
Surprises. 2004-10-21
We Dance / We Dance / We're In Love! 2004-10-18
With These Hands. 2004-10-14
Jaws Audacity. 2004-10-13
Something Majestic. 2004-10-06
Relief in Being Caught. 2004-09-30
Lowrey Home Organ! 2004-09-28
Psychic Time Code. 2004-09-23
Moving In Stereo. 2004-09-19
Dedication. 2004-09-16
Living for Clapping. 2004-09-14
Play Harmonica With Me. 2004-09-14
Psychotronic! 2004-09-13
Clavé Cowboys. 2004-09-10
In Love With Sound. 2004-09-09
Adagio for Mellotron. 2004-09-03
Busted Knuckles. 2004-09-01
Addicting. 2004-08-30
Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans! 2004-08-24
Not Getting Stabbed Is Good. 2004-08-16
My Love, Give Me An Occilloscope. 2004-08-11
Reverse Guitar Solos Are So Mazzy Star. 2004-08-09
“Most Typically My Dreams Are Dreadfully Boring” 2004-08-06
Incredibly Rough! Ridiculously Unfinished! 2004-08-04
Time Travel Is Lonely. 2004-08-03
The Shangri-Las Know What's Up. Can You Read Between the Lines? 2004-08-02
You Redefined Mesmerization. 2004-08-02
Contenders! 2004-07-30
My New (Musical) Love. 2004-07-29
Musical Saw, Motherfuckers! 2004-07-28
What We Do When We Get Bored. 2004-07-26
Prvileged Information. 2004-07-24
I Just Missed You. 2004-07-20
I am willing to endure a near-unending amount of calimity to sit next to you. 2004-07-19
In Vino Veritas. 2004-07-17
I Never Expected This. 2004-07-16
Finally, Tesla Gets Some Props. 2004-07-14
When No One Is Looking. 2004-07-09
“We are the music makers / and we are the dreamers of the dreams” 2004-07-09
This Chord Reminds Me of the City. 2004-07-08
Inspiration. 2004-07-06
Tonight, Tonight! 2004-07-02
Forget Being Clever. 2004-07-01
It All Comes Down To This. 2004-06-25
Why is it... 2004-06-18
“By Definition a Crush Must Hurt...” 2004-06-15
The Merediths Saved My Life. 2004-06-14
Goings On. 2004-06-11
The Psycho-Acoustic Properties of Breaking Hearts. 2004-06-09
We Are So Close. 2004-06-01
Spenderisms / Save Me Yuji Naka! 2004-05-24
Jesse Just Said... 2004-05-24
Marmalade Maggie. 2004-05-21
Overmisunderstood / Some Dude Jacked My Shit!! 2004-05-20
The Logs. 2004-05-17
The Show / Inspiration. 2004-05-17
Me & Nigel. 2004-05-14
Encouragement. 2004-05-12
Making Prominent Use of a Mellotron. 2004-05-11
Feedback and Solos. 2004-05-10
Maniacally Conducting a Choir of Zombies. 2004-05-06
It Blows My Mind. 2004-04-28
Joe Does a Killer Sonny Chiba Impersonation. 2004-04-27
Ezekiel 25:17 2004-04-27
So How's It Gonna' Be? A Knife, a Gun, a Teenage Magazine? 2004-04-26
The Music. 2004-04-22
Didn't Get the Number, But He Got the Bite! 2004-04-21
“... The Best Cure for a Bad Mix is a Great Song!” 2004-04-13
Recount/Enumeration. 2004-04-12
The Nerdy Devil?! 2004-04-09
Applying Synth Technology to Taste! 2004-04-08
I'm Thinking. 2004-04-06
Deliver Me From Sweedish Furniture. 2004-04-05
Nerds & April Fools. 2004-04-01
Wanting To Say Melodramatic Things. 2004-03-29
For The Record... 2004-03-29
Air Timpani. 2004-03-26
I Can't Help But Smile. 2004-03-25
Music as Fashion. 2004-03-24
I Think I Need a Research Assistant. 2004-03-23
Knickers vs. Skivvies. 2004-03-22
Empty Nest. 2004-03-22
A Tentative List of Music-Related Goals. 2004-03-15
No Recitation. 2004-03-15
Where Fish Don't Swim in Water, They Fly in Space!! 2004-03-12
Whirlwind. 2004-03-09
Because the World is Round. 2004-03-09
Mr. Peanut vs. the Kool-Aid Man!! 2004-03-04
Just How Am I To Forget You? 2004-03-03
A Magical Day. 2004-03-02
It's Sad But Oh So True. 2004-02-24
College Mythology. 2004-02-16
My Life With Footnotes/Endnotes. 2004-02-11
George Lucas, You're An Asshole. 2004-02-10
A Very Merediths Rough Mix. 2004-02-03
I ♥ Matt Sharp. 2004-02-02
... 2004-01-30
Holy Shit, I Just Bought a Moog Prodigy!! 2004-01-29
You Look Like Nothing I've Ever Seen! 2004-01-27
What Does This Mean? 2004-01-23
The Theremin & the Ondes Martenot. 2004-01-19
I Promise I'm Not Ignoring You. 2004-01-19
Just So You Know. 2004-01-19
Voice + Coder = Vocoder!! 2004-01-16
Mellotron! 2004-01-16
Compare and Contrast. 2004-01-13
Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Gras. 2004-01-12
These Days I Barely Get By / I Don't Even Try 2004-01-12
Reconciliation. 2004-01-12
Tonight! Tonight! 2004-01-09
This Is How I Think Now. You're All Stacks and Queues. 2004-01-08
Teenage Humliation. 2004-01-08
The Arts. 2004-01-06
Toast. 2004-01-06
The Second Best New Year's Eve. 2004-01-02
Synth Star. 2003-12-30
Let's Go Away For a While / You And I / To a Strange and Distant Land. 2003-12-29
You People Are Killing Me! 2003-12-19
In Truth I Say / I'm Okay / With My Decay. 2003-12-19
Bury My Memories of You. 2003-12-18
I Have Fallen Hard. 2003-12-18
Secretary. 2003-12-16
The Crap Talker. 2003-12-16
Whirlwind. 2003-12-15
I Called You a Liar, / But How Right You Were. 2003-12-11
The Wonderful World of Golem. 2003-12-08
“What's it like to be a loon? / I liken it to a balloon.” 2003-12-08
Schadenfreude. 2003-12-08
“You Won't Fool the Children of the Revolution.” 2003-12-05
Das Experiment / Stanford Prison Experiment. 2003-12-01
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. 2003-12-01
I Feel Ill When I Think of You. 2003-12-01
I Will Rise Up. 2003-12-01
To Blow Your Fucking Mind! 2003-11-19
Lead By Example. 2003-11-19
Guitar and Videogames. 2003-11-10
Are You Down With the Sound From This Devil Town? 2003-11-06
What Do You Do Now? 2003-11-04
A Complete Solution to a Problem. 2003-11-04
Agree to Disagree. 2003-11-03
Has Corey Feldman Secretly Been Cool All This Time? 2003-10-29
This is not a Joke. 2003-10-29
I'm Finally Finished with Quicksilver. 2003-10-27
Uncontrollable Urge. 2003-10-24
Seriously, I'm Not an Asshole. 2003-10-21
The Secret Behind “Befriends” and “Ensues.” 2003-10-21
How awesome is fetchmail? 2003-10-21
Doom & Feelgood. 2003-10-20
My “Adventures” in “The Wild”. 2003-10-16
Because the World is Round. 2003-10-10
How's Trix? 2003-10-09
Shirking My Parents' Concern. 2003-10-06
Big Brother Jack? 2003-10-03
This Machine Will Not Communicate These Thoughts and the Strain I am Under. 2003-10-02
I What? 2003-09-19
The Dueling Banjos Effect. 2003-09-18
Use the Source? 2003-09-17
ID10T Error! 2003-09-17
Furniture Catalogs. 2003-09-16
Angel Trumpets and Devil Trombones. 2003-09-16
More Microsoft Bitching. 2003-09-10
Embrace and Extend?! 2003-09-10
Finally Discovering update-menus. 2003-09-03
DB-based PHP Session Handler. 2003-09-02
Double-U, Double-U, Double-U. 2003-09-02
When Hiphop Artists Take Metadata Too Far. 2003-09-02
I Love the 70's. 2003-09-02
Training spamassassin. 2003-08-29
Proving My Faith in Modern Engineering. 2003-08-27
The Goodness: rdesktop. 2003-08-27
The Wrong Profession. 2003-08-27
Jeremy Enigk. 2003-08-26
I'm That Nerd. 2003-08-24
iTunes Ate My Balls. 2003-08-20
The Unix Way (aka. How rsync Saved My Soul). 2003-08-14
You're Only Prolonging the Inevitable. 2003-08-14
Re: Politics and the English Language 2003-08-13
Apostrophes. 2003-08-13
My Hometown. 2003-08-12
The (Nature|Will|Desire) of All (Anthropomorphic) Things. 2003-08-03
spamassassin / dashboard 2003-08-03
Best / Worst / Best (Again) Linux Box. 2003-08-01
IMDB University. 2003-07-31
Fake Plastic Flower Writing Utensils. 2003-07-31
Business First. 2003-07-31
Mozilla Advocacy. 2003-07-30
Three Words I Never Thought I'd Say in the Same Sentence: Thank You, Microsoft. 2003-07-30
AWK History / Nerd Culture. 2003-07-30
And the RSS Will Validate! 2003-07-29
Damn You, Nuvox! 2003-07-28
Exploding CRTs. 2003-07-28
You Have Been Chosen. 2003-07-27
Head Over Heels / SucKIT 2003-07-24
Embrace the Horror of the Internet: The Website Fulifier! 2003-07-23
LebowskiFest. 2003-07-22
New Computer Installation. 2003-07-22
In Search Of: Blog Syndication. 2003-07-19
New Computers at Work. 2003-07-17
Printable, PDF Articles Available. 2003-07-17
Intuition. 2003-07-17
Reactionary. 2003-07-17
The New Calendar / Daylight Saving Time Issues. 2003-07-15
Breaking the Rules. 2003-07-10
I'm Leaving Home. 2003-07-01
Transparent Caching: Another Self-Proclaimed Genius Moment. 2003-06-27
No More Matriculation. 2003-06-27
I'll Never Do You No Harm. 2003-06-24
CPU Benchmarks. 2003-06-24
Linux CD Burning Goodness. 2003-06-24
New Computer == Fast! 2003-06-20
Definition Lists: The Bastard Third List Type of HTML. 2003-06-18
A Huge [Dictionary] List. 2003-06-17
I am a Geek. 2003-06-17
Zillion Will Be Reborn. 2003-06-17
<ul> Formatting with CSS. 2003-06-12
More Font Goodness. 2003-06-11
Haircut. 2003-06-10
Mozilla Firebird + XFT 2003-06-06
Fulltext Search is Back. 2003-06-05
The Old Entries are Back. 2003-06-05
Mazda Miata MX-5 2003-06-04
The Return of Mutt. 2003-06-04
MozillaFirebird Extensions. 2003-06-04
CSS Envy. 2003-06-04
Heroes in a Half Shell. 2003-06-02
Work Ethic, Reloaded. 2003-06-02
Net Etiquette Class. 2003-06-02
Thoughts on HTML 2003-06-02
I am Free Because of PHP. 2003-05-30
The Curse Called IE 2003-05-30
Thank You Open Source Software. 2003-05-29
Jerkface Saved My Life. 2003-05-28
The First RSS Search Engine? 2003-05-28
Tech Savvy Pedant. 2003-05-27
Accepting Matthew Lillard. 2003-05-27
God Damned RedHat! 2003-05-27
Super Waste of Time. 2003-05-26
The Etymology of “orange”. 2003-05-23
UofL Alumni. 2003-05-22
Geek Irony. 2003-05-22
Fun Bash Stuff. 2003-05-22
PHP Spellchecker. 2003-05-22
Holy Shit! 2003-05-19
TMM: Too Many Movies. 2003-05-19
Everything you ever wanted to know about cashews. 2003-05-19
Microsoft: Still Assholes. 2003-05-19
The New Mozilla Firebird. 2003-05-17
Oh yeah, that movie. 2003-05-17
New Car (it's JB's fault). 2003-05-16
Fancy new stuff. 2003-05-16
MyODBC & Access. 2003-05-07
Birthday Stuff. 2003-05-07
Metal Gear Solid for GCN 2003-05-06
Finished. 2003-05-06
Burn IE 2003-05-05
The Derby. 2003-05-03
The Oaks. 2003-05-03
Dirt Clods are a Kid's Best Friend 2003-04-29
What Have I Become / My Sweetest Friend? 2003-04-29
Grok This. 2003-04-29
First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence 2003-04-18
How to Knock a Man Out 2003-04-16
Smalltalk / Squeek 2003-04-10
Wow. 2003-04-08
Have You Ever Done Anything “High Tech”? 2003-04-07
We Don't Die / We Just 404 2003-04-07
The End of Hyrule 2003-04-06
cURL (in PHP) is awesome! 2003-03-31
RSS 2003-03-31
The Wind Waker 2003-03-31
Creepy Red Eyes 2003-03-31
Outstanding? 2003-03-27
Using Javascript to Change the Status Bar 2003-03-25
My Missing CIS 415 Portfolio 2003-03-25
A Pretty Good Story 2003-03-24
Leader of the Autobots? 2003-03-24
busy but good 2003-03-20
My Career: the Story So Far 2003-03-19
look at that address 2003-02-14
moving into the 1980's 2003-02-12
builiding kernels and BBSs 2003-02-10
the strangest thing happened 2003-02-09
note to self 2003-02-08
nerding it up 2003-02-07
Bjarne Stroustrup would not approve 2003-02-06
how high I value “mexican” food... 2003-02-06
welcome to the pedantic web 2003-02-06
i assure you that it can wait 2003-02-03
my castle is stormed 2003-01-31
in the beginning, there was the 8088 2003-01-15
degree application 2003-01-14
spanish outrage 2003-01-13
texas is the reason, behind the music 2003-01-09
get my shit together 2003-01-05
pikman are not carrots 2002-12-17
the ultimate band name 2002-12-16
what's my problem? 2002-12-16
like when I was fifteen 2002-12-16
too burned out to be useful 2002-12-16
metroid! 2002-12-11
i'm catching up 2002-12-09
just like atari combat 2002-12-06
why am i still sick? 2002-12-03
i am windows deficient 2002-11-30
my dad says i'm clever 2002-11-26
book licking scam 2002-11-22
sick sick sick 2002-11-19
ethan-hawke-ism?! 2002-11-16
i wonder if i'll ever give up videogames.... 2002-11-14
bugs 2002-11-11
what shall i do? 2002-11-11
never again my dear / should we come dancing here / we'll play guitar and videogames 2002-11-08
a delayed reaction 2002-11-06
“... smells like ham.” 2002-11-04
Mortal Kombat II revL3.1 2002-10-31
non-Halloween-celebrating nerd 2002-10-31
lookin' up 2002-10-30
on my mind 2002-10-29
almost relieved 2002-10-29
if this doesn't kill me 2002-10-29
can't wait to slow down 2002-10-28
a spoonful weighs a ton 2002-10-27
another file upload test 2002-10-26
CSS: “you know, for kids!” 2002-10-25
things i got around to 2002-10-23
changes you may notice 2002-10-23
i spoke too soon 2002-10-22
my love for acronyms 2002-10-21
fixer-riffic 2002-10-18
tomorrow, tomorrow / I love [phoenix] / tomorrow 2002-10-17
the .plan for the future 2002-10-16
my head would be healthy / my guitar would be dusty 2002-10-16
the ups and the downs 2002-10-15
i promise i'm not just putting all these entries to test the 2002-10-14
okay, just one more 2002-10-14
these days 2002-10-13
baby, i ain't got much time 2002-10-10
you really got me going 2002-10-03
you might think i'm foolish 2002-10-02
daddy, please hear this song that i sing 2002-09-30
ctrl+v / ctrl+m 2002-09-13
JB is a comic genius 2002-09-10
are you down with the sound from the devil town? 2002-09-09
diary application updates 2002-09-05
folly 2002-09-03
wisdom beyond his years 2002-08-23
what's holdin' on to me? 2002-08-22
the best quote EVER 2002-08-20
you steal men's souls and make them your slaves 2002-08-09
damn you, Best Buy! 2002-08-08
jesse, can you do the splits? 2002-08-07
things to do today... 2002-07-15
I am the ultra-nerd 2002-07-10
Stephin Merritt was wrong 2002-07-07
my special diet 2002-07-03
why is hotel california so funny in spanish? 2002-07-02
you can dance if you want to 2002-06-28
Axl was right 2002-06-26
"and 3 good bands with 'the' in their titles" 2002-06-18
systolic and diastolic 2002-06-07
Introducing eXtreme Programming: the MMORPG!! 2002-06-06
house-sitting / we have buttons 2002-06-01
works that isn't really work 2002-05-31
up your stereo 2002-05-24
it's the coolest thing since teflon 2002-05-22
Attack of the Goodness 2002-05-17
why is today a scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? 2002-05-16
how the notes all bend and reach above the trees 2002-05-14
we'll wait for time to turn 2002-05-09
The Elephants don't have a song called Mr. Superlove 2002-05-06
inadvertently prevented further Windows XP corruption 2002-05-01
the move with the quirky jerk 2002-04-25
what I learned in business school: exploit the surplus labor of others 2002-04-24
as we would lay and learn what each other's bodies were for 2002-04-22
php5/ze2 is going to rule 2002-04-20
the end is near 2002-04-18
the end of {sleep depravation, malnutrition, stress, poverty} is near 2002-04-15
those crazy leitchpatch kids 2002-04-08
(my first) fugazi show 2002-04-05
this is only the beginning 2002-04-04
take that, shriners 2002-04-01
my boss is a robot lover. 2002-03-29
you are my fate and I love you 2002-03-27
playing harmonica vs. programming in cold fusion 2002-03-25
my head is filled with PHP juice 2002-03-22
if only you knew how many eyelashes I've wished on for your love 2002-03-15
God gave rock'n'roll to you 2002-03-11
murmurs of earth 2002-03-04
redefining productivity 2002-03-03
me and my dad: fake rednecks 2002-02-24
after four years, I'm a NeXTStep sellout 2002-02-21
pronoun reference problems 2002-02-14
does it get any better than this? 2002-02-13
am i a smarty-pants today? 2002-02-07
today, i was a hero 2002-02-06
what you need to know about the guiro 2002-01-22
my shit: it's still not together 2002-01-21
things i never told you 2002-01-17
uh gee-eye-are-elle 2002-01-11
[suzanne], you're all that I wanted of a girl 2002-01-08
i'll play my la-la shit for you anytime 2002-01-03
unnoticed for so long 2001-12-26
a nightmare inspired by Being John Malkovich 2001-12-21
has me on strings 2001-12-19
paying for toothpicks == not punkrock 2001-12-12
just Who is Billy Joe Royal? 2001-12-06
not really evil, just misunderstood 2001-12-05
girls aren't impressed by accidental self-mutilation 2001-11-30
the fox kids club is for cool kids 2001-11-28
mon-ick-ur 2001-11-27
she turned twentytwo six days ago 2001-11-25
the people that can't take a hint 2001-11-20
an unordered list of what is on my mind 2001-11-19
if only I could honor him more 2001-11-17
a lot of weezer, some get up kids, firesign, and some originals 2001-11-15
if only they'd listen to John Prine 2001-11-09
hide from morons 2001-11-05
an offer he can't refuse 2001-11-02
featuring winners of The Piebald Beltbuckle Contest 2001-10-30
something vague that we're not seeing 2001-10-27
the boss rocks the local insane asylum 2001-10-25
a punchline that never came 2001-10-23
my love (and money) was hustled by a fifteen-year-old foosball princess 2001-10-22
the new fugazi owns my cd player, now and forever 2001-10-19
blood soaked and ready to burn 2001-10-16
last night I drove to go nowhere at all 2001-10-10
important, late-breaking news 2001-10-09
too much / too soon / too late 'til you realize 2001-10-08
why is this technology an anathema to me? 2001-10-04
meta·mor·pho·sis 2001-10-02
you're talking a lot / but you're not saying anything 2001-10-01
they will recite their sadness / like it's some kind of contest 2001-09-26
etymology of clint-eastwood-isms 2001-09-17
let the rejoicing begin! 2001-09-14
is nature a gigantic cat? 2001-09-11
but it's days like this that keep me alive 2001-09-10
"videogames are a conduit for the soul" 2001-09-05
an honest day's work 2001-08-30
empiricle evidence that the ps2 will fail 2001-08-24
crapulence 2001-08-21
a girl that makes me do silly dances 2001-08-20
i've just seen a face 2001-08-14
eight-to-fives 2001-08-12
lock and roll 2001-08-09
i'm choking 2001-08-06
neverending headache 2001-08-05
Nintendo Cereal System 2001-08-01
and here's to you, Mr. Patterson 2001-07-28
"What the hell am I doing? Man, something is seriously wrong with me! 2001-07-26
my choice in console colors has nothing to do with my lack of a girlfriend 2001-07-23
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keeping contact with old friends / enjoy a drink now and then 2001-07-16
Nin-ten-do / It's a breakfast now / Nin-ten-do / It's a cereal! WOW! 2001-07-12
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Press X to Eat Soul 2001-07-09
cat3 makes you look pretty ugly 2001-07-06
and we all went to heaven in a little row boat 2001-07-05
Rocket wa su-go-i! TSUBABABABA! 2001-07-02
Jesus, send some good women to save all your clowns. 2001-06-26
Your sword is glowing blue 2001-06-25
hey jwz, jwz you're alright by me 2001-06-22
Crushing My Brain 2001-06-21
sometimes I scare myself 2001-06-18
Game freakin Boy Advance 2001-06-14
Eulogy for a Phantasy Star Online Character 2001-06-10
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the venerable and inscrutable kool-aid song 2001-05-22
you know what time it is? partytime. that's right. 2001-05-21
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pizza zealots (aka. kids are jerks) 2001-05-11
i am the “knowledge catalyst”!! 2001-05-10
yes, I saw steaming horse shit 2001-05-06
everything in its right place 2001-05-02
nothing feels good like you in red and blue jeans and your white and night things 2001-05-01
my cat's breath smells like cat food 2001-04-30
or I'll eat your soul 2001-04-28
the “real” american hero? 2001-04-27
a job that slowly kills you? (not me) 2001-04-25