Who are you?

My name is Jonathan York. I am 44 years old. I live in Louisville, KY.

Did you go to school?

I graduated from the University of Louisville in May 2003 with a BSBA, majoring in CIS.

Where do you work?

I work at ESI as a Software Developer. We mostly develop web applications using PHP with MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server backends on Windows or Linux environments. It's pretty fun.

I heard you were in a band.

Yes, I used to write songs, arrange, play keyboards (Kurzweil & microKorg) and auxilliary percussion, and sing backups in the Merediths.

Before that, I played guitar and sang in the audio/video club. I wrote two songs: Rivers and Eyelashes for Fiona. I think we played 14 shows. I was in the band from October 2001 until January 2003.

Before that, I played drums in a band horribly-named “Jelly Queen”. We played one show only. And it was pretty bad. Hahaha... Phew.

Guitarist or Drummer? Which are you?

It's all percussion.

I marched snare for five years in high school, winning state four times and a BOA grand national championship my senior year.


What is the secret of your success?
I've got two words for you: dryer sheets! Dryer sheets, dude.
What is your greatest weakness?
Fascination with the word etymology.